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Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” – Ecuadorian style by Tom Antos

I have joined the Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” club!

As, I’m sure, most of you know, there is a giant collection of music videos from people from all over the world who just dance and show what it means to be happy – all done to the hit song “Happy”. Continue reading Pharrell Williams’ “Happy” – Ecuadorian style by Tom Antos

Camera Cranes & Jibs – CAME

Camera cranes along with dollies were the first set of filmmaking tools allowing smooth camera movement. They are just as important today. Besides adding production value, they greatly enhance storytelling.

Whereas dollies allow side-to-side movement, cranes and jibs move the camera up and down. If you put a camera crane on a dolly, you will have even more freedom of camera movement. Continue reading Camera Cranes & Jibs – CAME

CineDrone 2.0

As many of you know, last year I ran an indiegogo campaign to build the CineDrone – a RC quadcopter camera rig. Designed for the GoPro cameras, this affordable device – under $2000 – was ready out of the box to let you get cinematic aerial shots. The campaign generated a lot of interest and I ended up building even more units for the latecomers to the project. Even to this today, I get more requests. Continue reading CineDrone 2.0

3 Axis Camera Gimbal for under $1K

UPDATE August 4, 2014: There is a new & improved version of this gimbal. More info here:

If you ever had problems using steadicams, then you should consider getting a digital camera gimbal. It’s the next big thing that is about to revolutionize the film industry. Continue reading 3 Axis Camera Gimbal for under $1K