Ready To Run Camera Gimbal – CAME 7500

There is a new and improved version of the 3 Axis Camera Gimbal that I reviewed before. Some of you may remember my post about the CAME 7000 – 3 Axis Camera Gimbal.

Also those of you who bought it might remember some of the things that we wished the company making these gimbals would improve. Seems that they have listened to our demands and finally released a new product called the CAME 7500.

It is essentially the same gimbal as the previous version with a few key improvements:

– Comes pre-configured for most DSLR cameras
– Includes 3 ready to run profiles
– Includes analog joystick
– Bigger and more powerful motors
– 32 bit control board with 2 sensors
– Enclosure around the control board
– On/Off switch for the power

If you are interested in buying the CAME 7500 Gimbal then please go to

You can also buy this gimbal on eBay:

To check out other CAME products, visit their Amazon store:
or eBay store:

To mount standard monitors I recommend this arm.

Here are some monitors I recommend.
This is a cheaper version with the SDI input

To mount a cell phone / tablet to the gimbal I use and recommend this.

Here is an extra battery or replacement battery for the Came 7500 gimbal.

Finally, here is a stand to be used when balancing the gimbal. This is really a must for all 3-axis gimbals.
Black Glass Fiber/Aluminum Debugging Test Frame Holder for Camera Gimbal on eBay

Below is my review of the previous version of the gimbal.

32 thoughts on “Ready To Run Camera Gimbal – CAME 7500”

  1. Awesome review. How long do the batteries run? Also, how long does it take to switch batteries?

    1. One battery lasts from 2 to 3 hours… maybe more depends how you use the gimbal and what size camera.
      To switch the battery can take as little as 15 seconds. Just loosen the strap on the old battery, split in the new one and connect the plug. That’s it!

    1. Looks like the Jaw Axis in this video is not properly balanced. Also his sensor is not calibrated. The gimbal will not beep so many times when you turn it on and everything is working. When you hear more than one beep then it’s sending a message that there’s something wrong with the board or sensor. You have to read the full manual on how to use the Alexmos controller board and how to calibrate it in case its not working how it should. The manual can be downloaded here: If the gimbal was kept close to any strong magnets, like car speakers etc then it will throw the sensors out of balance.

      In the end its new technology and it’s gonna require some learning to fix it once things stop working properly. That’s why I always say, if you don’t want to learn this stuff, or aren’t good at it then just rent a 3 axis rig with an operator who knows how to use it and set it up or buy a steadicam and learn to use that.

  2. Hi, Tom
    We need some help with our Came 7500, we received it 1 week ago it worked wonderfully with our canon 6d with a 16-35 mm lens until 2 days ago. I pressed the joystick button for the follow focus function and it did not work, so I pressed several times and them the 7500 got crazy it starts spinning and shaking, we have contacted CAME with no response, please can you suggest us what to do? Should I reset the settings? it was well balanced. Any help will be appreciate it

    1. Please upload a video of how it behaves and I will tell you if I know of a possible fix. Also what do you mean ” I pressed the joystick button for the follow focus function” ? There is no follow focus function in the gimbal

  3. Hi Tom,

    Ive been following your site. I have known your site via dave dugdales site. Ive been watching your videos to get some infos and when you review the came tv 7500, i decided to have mine.. 2 weeks ago, the unit arrived, I bought 2 extra
    Battery.. Just this weekend, I tried using it, but to no avail, it is misbehaving. Below is the link of the video. I contacted came tv but no update yet, below is the video link. I hope you can help. Thank you. More power!

    1. The board is beeping like that cuz either it’s not configured or one of the motors from the board to the sensors or the motors has been disconnected.

  4. Hi tom, thanks. Do you have snapshots of your gui setting for the 7500? Or the default PID setting profile? Just like the one you have for 7000.. think my board is corrupted. Thanks

    1. Christoffer, I am pretty sure you may or may not have that gimbal anymore but I just recently bought the 7500 from someone. That person went inside and changed settings but didn’t record the original default PIDs before changing and he didn’t take the time to change them back. Would you happen to still have the default settings so I can get this gimbal up and running?

  5. Hi!
    Thanx for a great site. I am curious how you manage to focus while operating the gimbal. It really feels like a great tool but the focus issue bugs me. Best regards! Bengt

    1. THnx… I do the same thing as when I use steadicams. I use a wireless follow focus and or wide angle lens with high f-stop which produces a deep DOF

  6. Hi Tom… please I need some help. a few days ago gave me the Dys Hhg5d Bl Dslr With 3 Axis Gimbal Gimbal Controller but this non-wired, I can not connect because I have no instructions. I have tried to find them everywhere but I have not had any luck. Your you have them or know where I can get them? I truly appreciate your attention.
    best regards

    ps/ this in on internet

  7. Hi Tom, great videos, I have a question, have you used this rig with a wireless follow focus installed? I can’t find any footage of anyone doing so and I believe it will just throw the hole thing out of balance or maybe it just wont even fit in the cage. Thanks!

    1. I have only once attempted to put the wireless follow focus on this gimbal and I gave up after 15 min because the rail system I had did not fit in the cage with the camera. I think it’s possible and I will try again but mounting the rails under the cage like the DJI Ronin has done… I will need to find the right parts to make that work thought… and I just didn’t have time to work on that yet.

  8. I just received my came 7500 and haven’t got a clue how to convert it for RC control. You had given me a link to a controller but….. how do I connect the receiver to the Came?

    1. It depends what controller you have… plus you will have to read up on what pins on the came gimbal control board correspond to the pins on your controller receiver unit. You will need to also buy the correct wires… there’s usually 3 wires. Also as a warning if you’ve never done any mods or work with RC toys then you will have to read up about it so you don’t connect the wrong wires and burn your controller transmitter unit and/or came gimbal board.

    1. Came 7500 doesn’t need to be setup. In face CAME-TV says you should not change any settings in the gimbal or it might stop working. If you have changed the settings then contact CAME-TV for help and they will send you the original PID/profiles . If you haven’t changed any of the factory settings then please make sure you balanced the gimbal and that you are using it properly.

  9. Tom would you recommend the 7d .7d mk11 or c100 and which lens to create movie quality..using a came rig or lanparte…or even the new hand held gimble your reviewing here..oh and please look through your emails for with regards to film footage. All the best. Great stuff and info on your site…

  10. Tom, I know I’m late to the party, but I just got a 7500. As soon as I updated the firmware using your link. The motors spin violently when turned on. How do I reset this? I feel like princess Leia for saying this but, You’re my only hope!
    No response from customer support.

  11. hello sir Tom, i just want to ask you if came-tv 7800 can handle blackmagic cinema camera if later i want to buy one ?

    1. If you have a very light lens and no accessories then yes it will. But with a bigger lens and external battery on the camera cradle it would be too much weight.

  12. Hello, I’m looking for a quick release plate tu use with a 5D mark III and a came tv 7500, to do the blalance more easy. Do you know wich is the best ? thanks

  13. I have a Problem! I updated the came tv 7500 and now it doesn’t work… I think I have to downgrade it ! But cameTV doesn’t answer… Can you help me ? You are my LAST hope!!!

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