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Neutral Density Filters


When shooting outdoors on a sunny day, you might be forced to shoot at high shutter speeds. This will give you no, or little, motion blur. Unless you are going for a specific effect, most of the time you DO want motion blur, because this helps to make your footage feel movie-like. Therefore, a ND filter is a nice accessory to have.

My top pick: Aurora-Aperture PowerXND 2000 Variable ND filters. See my full review here.

You can get these filters on BH Photo Video, eBay, Amazon

Other options:

Follow Focus

If you can be next to the camera to adjust the focus, then here is a great manual follow focus system from Lanparte – I use it on all of my cameras

Lanparte Follow Focus V2 on B&H, Adorama, eBay, Amazon UK,

cinegears follow focus express kit

Here is an expensive, but top-of-the line follow focus system for use on gimbals, steadicams, cranes, and in any situations where you can’t directly full focus yourself.

CINEGEARS Single Axis Wireless Follow Focus Express Plus on B&H, Adorama, eBay, Amazon,,

If you are using wireless follow focus, you also want to have a wireless video system, to make sure you are correctly adjusting the focus. Here is a kit from Cinegears that I use

CINEGEARS Ghost-Eye 150M V2 Wireless HDMI/3G-SDI Transmission Kit on B&H, Adorama, eBay, Amazon,

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