Senna Wireless Follow Focus

I had a chance to use and review a new product from Senna laboratories. It’s called the All Recall Focus Duo.

This wireless follow focus system allows you to control both the focus and the zoom/aperture for your DSLR or Cine style lenses. I previously had reviewed another product from the same company, which was the Wireless Pan & Tilt Head. Just as their previous product I am really impressed with the built quality and also the functions that this follow focus system provides. You can see it was designed by someone who actually uses this in real world video & film productions. This system also allows you to remotely press record and activate the trigger command on Cannon DSLRs thanks to an IR sensor that is included.

This wireless follow focus system retails for 1,580 € since the company is located in Europe. Now they are offering 1.264 € summer promotion! You can get it from their OFFICIAL WEBSITE
If you are outside of EU then contact the company directly for best price in your currency. The company can be reached via email at

Things I like about this product:
-320° of rotation means this will work with virtually all cine and DSLR lenses
-easy to setup and connect
-works up to 1000 feet (300 meters) away from the transmitter
-16 kg torque means it will work even with those old heavy cinema lenses
-In/Out range calibration so it doesn’t damage your lens & allows precise control even on DSLR lenses
-Night Mode has a glow in the dark function so it’s easy to use in low light
-4 focus memory presets that are super fast and easy to setup
-built in rechargeable batteries allow 4-5 hours of use plus the system includes back up batteries
-includes a cool little rail system mount for use on steadicams or a 3 Axis Digital Gimbal
-Rec/Trigger control allows remote recording and trigger command for Cannon DSLRs

This I don’t like:
-motors create some noise so can’t be used up-close when recording audio
-the focus and zoom/aperture motors can’t be separated, so you always have to attach both motors

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