Wireless Pan & Tilt Head by Senna

Today I wanted to share with you my thoughts on using this cool new wireless pan and tilt head for your DSLR and bigger video cameras.

It is produced by Senna. It’s a company located in Europe. I have not heard much about them before so I wasn’t expecting much when I got my hands on this neat little device. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. It’s a small and light pan & tilt head that fits into a briefcase size case. One person can easily take it with them along with a camera and tripod. That came in handy when I was traveling alone across the USA last month. I had to hike many times into some remote places. I was still able to take all the gear with me and get some neat shots. Check out the video below to see my results.

You can buy this pan & tilt head on the official Senna website www.senna.hr
Price: 1.880 € ( if you are located outside of EU then contact the company for best price in your currency at sales@senna.hr )

Things I like:
-small and light
-comes with a hard travel case
-has built in rechargeable batteries
-comes with a small 12volt battery pack
-works with most standard 12volt batteries plus AA batteries
-easy to program and to use
-can do live action, timelapse and even motion control
-smooth camera moves are easy to achieve

Things I don’t like:
-motors are too noisy for audio work close to the pan & tilt head
-sometimes it’s hard to see the buttons light up in daylight

Next I will be reviewing a wireless focus and zoom/aperture system from the same company that works great together with the wireless pan and tilt head.

Special thanks to Dave Dugdale! Check out his cool website www.learningdslrvideo.com

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    i will like to know where it is possible to buy the WIRELESS PAN & TILT HEAD BY SENNA inside Europe.
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