Hi, I wanted to let all of you know that I’m currently away in Ecuador, filming a documentary titled Montañita: Fluid Paradise.

The filming is scheduled to be finished in the first week of Feb. 2010. Until then I won’t be able to post any new tutorials… but please become a fan of the Facebook page for this film HERE… as I will be uploading behind the scenes pictures and videos. Later on I will also post some tutorials with examples from this film.

Should be very fun and informative!

New Tutorials!

Okay, I’ve been extremely busy with work, but I finaly managed to get some free time to post two new tutorials. These ones have been shot on the Canon 7D. A great new DSLR camera that I used on my last short film “Dinner Date”. The film is almost finished, just needs the final music and sound mix… but we already did several test screenings with great results. Everyone laughed out loud in all the right places.

I’d like to thank Jeff and Tonya for starring in the film, along with Keith and April… who are actualy a great comedic duo with lots of hillarious videos of their own. Check our their Nocturnal Emissions page here.

As for the new tutorial, you can find them on my site under the Tutorials tab or on my YouTube Channel.

Love Like You – music video

I did a new music video for a talented Canadian singer/songwriter Christopher Charles. The song is titled “Love Like You”. I tried to create something different than what you normaly see in RnB videos. I wanted to create a feeling of recalling old memories that are a bit blury and hard to recall. Like trying to remeber an old love, where all you really see in your mind are those few glimpses of the person smiling/crying, looking at you.

Hopefuly I was sucessful 🙂 The video hits TV stations across North America at the end of August. Enjoy!


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