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Camera Cranes & Jibs – CAME

Camera cranes along with dollies were the first set of filmmaking tools allowing smooth camera movement. They are just as important today. Besides adding production value, they greatly enhance storytelling.

Whereas dollies allow side-to-side movement, cranes and jibs move the camera up and down. If you put a camera crane on a dolly, you will have even more freedom of camera movement. Continue reading Camera Cranes & Jibs – CAME

BlackMagic Production Camera 4K – a tempting 4K option

BlackMagic Design just announced that their top-of-the-line 4K camera is finally shipping – after almost one year delay. In addition, they have reduced the price to $2995.

This makes for a very attractive deal on a camera that offers 4K RAW recording and a great codec – the 4K Apple Pro Ress 422 movie mode. The camera, of course, lets you shoot at 1080P too. Continue reading BlackMagic Production Camera 4K – a tempting 4K option