Wired Lav Microphones comparison

Best Budget Lav Microphones

Today we are reviewing four affordable lav mics. These are quality microphones that your pocketbook will like a lot. However, they are not wireless. As always, there are pluses and minuses for each technology. So, to see what you can expect from these microphones and whether they are the right tools for your projects, please check out our video below.

Big thank-you to Asoya Hall for taking the time to meet with us. You can stay in touch with this wonderful actress on Instagram and Facebook.

Here are all the microphones we tested and where you can get them

Polsen OLM-10 on Amazon, BH Photo Video and eBay

Audio-Technica ATR3350iS on Amazon, BH Photo Video and eBay

Aputure A.Lav

Aputure A.lav ez microphone

Aputure A.lav ez on Amazon, Amazon Germany, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK and eBay

Here are the audio recorders we used, except for the Aputure A.lav ez, which recorded to a smartphone and was controlled with the app RecForge II Pro.

Zoom F8 recorder

Zoom H4n recorder

Zoom H1 recorder

Here is a video where Paul shows how to connect a lav mic on a talent – which sometimes can present a delicate situation

For more stuff from our sound expert, check out Paul’s YouTube channel.

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