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Tom interviewed by 4K Shooters

Ogy Stoilov from 4K Shooters conducted an interview with Tom Antos. The guys discussed many aspects of filmmaking – not only the technical ones, but also the creative side. Tom describes his daily life as a filmmaker. He reflects on some of his earliest projects as well as talks about what exciting projects he’ll tackle in 2015 (hint: feature film “Red Spring”). Continue reading Tom interviewed by 4K Shooters

3 Axis Camera Gimbal for under $1K

UPDATE August 4, 2014: There is a new & improved version of this gimbal. More info here: https://tomantosfilms.com/4452/came7500/

If you ever had problems using steadicams, then you should consider getting a digital camera gimbal. It’s the next big thing that is about to revolutionize the film industry. Continue reading 3 Axis Camera Gimbal for under $1K