Came-Mini 3 3-axis camera gimbal

CAME-TV CAME-Mini 3 Camera Gimbal Review

Today, I am reviewing the fourth and last gimbal in my series of reviews of mid-range camera gimbals, the CAME-Mini 3 (previously I covered the CAME-Argo, Moza Lite 2 and Turbo Ace AllSteady Motion). The CAME-Mini 3 is the lightest of the these gimbals and supports payload up to 2.6 lbs (1.2 kg). By the way, soon I am going to release a video where I will compare these four models side by side.

Today, though, the spotlight is on the CAME-Mini 3. Here is my video review of it.

The wireless monitor I show is no longer available… but here are two options that will also work: $130 and a smaller model for $60.

    My overall impressions of the CAME-Mini 3 are that it is an amazing gimbal for smaller mirrorless cameras. It’s definitely one of the best deals in the mid-range gimbal class. Here is what I specifically liked about this gimbal:

  • it’s very light to carry around
  • comes with a great case that is also small and light
  • has a built-in video transmitter
  • has P-Tap power connection for external accessories like a wireless follow focus
  • it is easy to balance thanks to the fine adjustment knobs that keep the positions until moved
  • the battery lasts a whole day

You can buy the CAME-Mini 3 on BH Photo, , Amazon and the manufacturer’s website.

Previously, I also reviewed the CAME-TV CAME-Mini 2, which you can see here.

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