Amazing Camera Gimbal under $1000!

These days there seem to be more camera gimbals out there than traditional camera stabilizers. Many of them don’t offer anything worth writing about. That’s about to change with this new gimbal I got from CAME-TV.

I am talking about the amazing CAME Single 3 Axis camera gimbal. It is the smallest and lightest DSLR/DSLM camera gimbal that I’ve tested out so far. Also it is the easiest & fastest to setup, plus it just works! It’s very simple in it’s operation and always keeps the video stable thanks to the new encoders that this gimbal uses. Check out my video review below.

If you are thinking of buying this gimbal but don’t know if it will work with your camera then I first advise you to measure the weight of your camera, battery, card & lens (and any other accessories you might have attached to your camera) If the weight of your camera rig is more than the max payload of 1.2kg (2.6 lbs) then your camera will not work with this gimbal.

You can get this gimbal at B&H Photo & Video

Also on eBay and

Also, here is the unedited video of me balancing the Canon 7D on the CAME Single. It is possible but not recommended to use this camera on this gimbal. The reason why I don’t recommend it is because it’s over the weight limit which is 1.2kg (2.6 lbs).

21 thoughts on “Amazing Camera Gimbal under $1000!”

  1. Hi Tom,
    first thanks again for your advices. Very useful.
    I’got a SonyA7S with Tamron 24-70 mm f2.8. All weighed around 1,4kg.
    I’m very interested buy the Came single but the manufacturer announced 1.2kg max . You think it will work or my only choice is to buy the Came 7800?

      1. Oh ok . Even with 1,4kg (A7s+ Tamron lens) it will be ok for the Mini 2? Cause they say that’s the same than the Singlecam : 1,2kg.

  2. Hi Tom,

    Thanks for this review! Very helpful! what would you recommend with this gimbal and a DSLM when I would like to use follow focus? Is it possible to add this feature? Or which dslm is able to do this when using this gimbal?

    Kind regards,

    Wouter de Haan
    The netherlands

  3. I also want to see a comparison between the Came single and Feiyu Tech MG. Do you have any plans to compare the two any time soon

  4. Desr how much can hold weight of camera and lens
    I have canon 70d with canon lens 17-55
    can I use them w came -single

  5. hello, has the gimbal held up over these last months? I was a little worried when you were forcing the gimbal into different positions. Looks good!

  6. Hi Tom I set up my A7Rii with FE4 16/35 lens and got the balancing very good but I find the gimbal making a sqeaking noise frequently on moves ( same noise as when you reposition the horizon) did you find that on your setup?

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