HD-3000 Steadycam System

I had a chance to test out another steadicam (hand held camera stabilizer) for cameras weighting up to 3.5kg/8lbs.
This kit is one of the more affordable camera stabilizers these days.

I previously tested out a 3-axis gimbal support arm from this company. You can see it here. I also reviewed their Panasonic GH4 camera cage, which you can see here.

Here is the video review of the steadicam

Overall, I am happy with this new steadicam system. The HD-3000 Steadycam has been around for a few years but this version has been updated in October 2015. With the latest improvements and the whole set of tools they provide (space parts and even a table clamp that lets you set up the steadicam while it hangs off a table), I think this is now a great way for flying your camera and getting those smooth shots on a budget.

You can currently find it at these online retailers:

HD-3000 Steadycam System on eBay

Here is the video review of the vest and articulated arm

Camtree Galaxy Stabilizer Arm & Vest + HD-3000 Steadycam System

This rig on eBay

You can also buy it straight from the manufacturer’s website by clicking here for the Steadicam only and here for the full kit with the vest and arm.

Here is the tutorial I mentioned in the review of this steadicam, where I show you how to balance any handheld stabilizer / steadicam.

If you want to get in touch with my model from the video review, her name is Annie and here is her Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/annie_v2000/

The shots with Annie were filmed with the Sony NEX-5R, which I reviewed here. Sony has discontinued the NEX line and replaced it with a line whose latest model is the a6300 – also a great camera. You can see my review of the Sony a6300 here.

12 thoughts on “HD-3000 Steadycam System”

    1. Yes the vest and arm will work with it since it’s just a simple opening in the handle of the steadicam that is needed to attach it to the arm.

  1. Hi Tom,
    My name is vijay. I am from India i need to talk to you about a project. Can i talk to you over phone. Pls let me know.


  2. Hey Tom! At the beginning of your video, it looks like you have the GH4 + 12-35mm on the HD-3000. This is the same setup I’m using, but I’m having issues with the rig swaying back and forth when I’m moving around with it, even though I’m pretty sure I’ve got it properly balanced. I assume it’s because the GH4 is a bit too light for the rig and that I’ll have to add some more weight up top. Did you have the same issue with it or have any advice getting it to stay vertical?

    1. Playing with it a bit more, I’m beginning to think at least part of the problem may be defective bearings. I can get it perfectly balanced in one orientation–say with the handle directly behind the rig–but if I move the handle to the side or rotate the stem at all it goes off-kilter again.

    2. Yes I used the GH4 on it all without having to ad more weight on top. I just balance it so there is always slightly more weight on the bottom then on the top. You can fine tune that by moving the position of the gimbal mechanism vertically along the shaft.

      1. Yeah, I did that, making sure it has a 2-3 second drop time from horizontal and everything. It just won’t stay balanced whenever I rotate the handle or shaft from the original position it was balanced in which is why I suspect it may be a problem with the bearing mechanism.

  3. Hi Tom,

    I have been watching all you videos. I wanted to attend your workshop in LA but i missed it. Anyways which glidecam do you recommend for the C100 Mark 1. I was thinking of getting the Glidecam HD4000 or the brand new one. Anyways i am thinking of using it with my C100 and Canon 80D. Any suggestion will be appreciated.

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