Flowline Placid Spring Arm

If you are working with a heavy camera setup then you know how valuable a good camera support system is… here is a great addition to a camera and gimbal support that I reviewed before.

The name of the support is Flycam Flowline 750N – a camera support for rigs weighing 15-19 kg (33-42 lbs). Now you can also get this articulated arm that helps take out the up and down bumps when using this camera support. It’s the Flycam Flowline Placid Two Axis Spring Arm. You can buy it right now on Amazon and .

Plus you can find it on the manufacturer’s website by clicking here.

The Placid arm can take rigs between 5-20kg / 11-44lb and you can easily fine tune the spring tension.

Here are some test shots done using the Flycam camera support with the flowline placid spring arm.

You can see my original review of the camera support here.
You can also get the camera support on Amazon and .

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