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DIY Custom Camera Rig for $200

I built a custom camera rig for my DSLM using various parts I found on Amazon. It costs just $200 and fixes the main problems I find with many DLSR/DSLM style cameras. My custom rig turns any DSLR / DSLM camera into a proper video production tool. Continue reading DIY Custom Camera Rig for $200

V-Log L GH4 vs External Recorder

As soon as I got my hands on the V-Log L image profile, I put it through a lot of tests. It is a true flat image profile for the Panasonic GH4 camera, and the upcoming GH5, that allows for the capture of 12 stops of dynamic range, instead of the 10 stops you get with the built-in image profiles of these cameras. The idea of extra dynamic range is exciting, but there is a trick to taking advantage of this additional functionality. Continue reading V-Log L GH4 vs External Recorder