Panasonic GH5 camera and rig

GH5 Cinema Set-up & Tests

Today, I unbox and set up my new camera, the Panasonic GH5! I also go out to film with it, using anamorphic lenses, the Atomos Ninja Inferno, as well as other cool accessories!

Here’s the video

I have to admit that I ended up building a monster of a rig that weighs more than I like. Still, sometimes you have to go big and heavy, if you want the cinematic quality.

Here is a video where I weigh the rig

I’ve also shot a cinematic test film with this initial set-up of the GH5. You can see it here

You can buy the GH5 and all the other parts of my rig here

Panasonic GH5 camera on BH Photo Video, , Adorama, Henry’s, Amazon, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany

Atomos Ninja Inferno monitor and recorder on BH Photo Video, Henry’s, , Adorama, Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, Amazon Germany

SLR Magic 2x anamorphic prime lenses on BH Photo Video, , Adorama

CAME-TV GH5 rig (this is the older version with a removable handle) on BH Photo Video,

Manfrotto tripod on BH Photo Video, , Adorama, Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, Amazon Germany

iFootage Shark slider on BH Photo Video, , Adorama, Amazon, Amazon Canada, Amazon Germany

3 thoughts on “GH5 Cinema Set-up & Tests”

  1. Hi Tom, new shooter on a budget here looking for a good camera. Thank you so much for the GH5 review. Looks like this camera provides a LOT of “bang for the buck” so to speak, given it’s price and the shots you took look awesome! I’m very impressed and I’m sold!

  2. Hey Tom, it’s too bad that you couldn’t not ship the giveaway to other countries. Been following you and loving the content you put up. I am from India and I sure would love to win some gear as I am a independent filmmaker. Bit disappointed though.

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