20 Killer Davinci Resolve Features

DaVinci Resolve has lots of amazing features. In this video I cover just 20 of my favorite tools, some of which use AI.

Check out my video to see all the features in action.

20 Features that make Davinci Resolve the best:

1 Face Refinement

2 Noise RemovalĀ 

3 Object Removal

4 Patch Replacer

5 Magic Mask

6 Lens Blur

7 Automatic Subtitles

8 Voice Isolation

9 Depth Map

10 Color Grading

11 Relight Effect

12 Smart Reframe

13 Scene Cut Detection

14 Face Recognition

15 Edit Video with Text

16 Audio Classification

17 Optical Flow and Speed Warp

18 Super Scale

19 Timeline Recovery

20 No Subscription

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