Konova Master Pan

KONOVA Master Pan

I got a new addition to my KONOVA slider system. It’s called “Master Pan” and it allows you to pan the camera while moving it along a slider. This is great if you want a product shot where the camera is always centered on the product, or if you want to do a moving timelapse shot that includes a camera pan. The pan is done mechanically and it is simple to set up and use. You can set the starting and ending positions of the camera really easily and then repeat the same camera move and pan as many times as you want.

This addition to your KONOVA system works with sliders of these lengths:

31inch / 80cm
39inch / 100cm
47inch / 120cm
59inch / 150cm

You can buy the Master Pan on Amazon (also on Amazon UK) and .

Master Pan is also available at konovaphoto.com

Like I mention in the video, the KONOVA system offer a lot of great tools. If you are interested in the whole KONOVA system, then I have a series of reviews – just click on the links below to find out more.

I have previously reviewed Konova’s camera sliders, along with their compact travel sliders.

I did a timelapse tutorial using their Pan & Tilt Head.

I also got their JIB kit, which converts the slider into a great camera jib.

Recently, I also tried out the updated Konova motors.

4 thoughts on “KONOVA Master Pan”

  1. Hey Tom,

    Thanks für the review. I have two questions:
    1. Is there any spec of the maximum panning angle that the master pan can do? I guess it also depends on the length of your slider and will eventually limit the minimum distance of the object that you want to track.
    2. I am about to pull the trigger for the Konova k7 and I am torn between 100 and 120 cm. Any opinion on that? I know, tricky question as it depends on what I wanna shoot. But what length do you typically use on your slider? Not only for tracking shots but also for dolly in or dolly out.

    The second question is particularly interesting as I want to get the master pan as well and the longer the slider the more I limit the maximum panning angle (if I get the mechanics right).

    Thanks for your help,

      1. Ok, so if you were to buy the k7 (starting at 100 cm) you wouldn’t bother with longer versions? 100 cm would be enough? They all don’t fit into a suitcase so transport wise I guess it doesn’t make a big difference.

        And what about the maximum panning angle? It looks like it’s in the +-60 degree range. Is that about right? And is it right that if you don’t use the whole length of the slider for a shot you can only use part of that maximum range?

        Thanks a lot for your help!

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