Konova MSB slider

Konova Motorized Slider

Today, I have for you a review of the newest Konova motorized slider kits.

I have previously reviewed earlier models of Konova sliders in the post “Filmmakers Toolbox: Camera Slider” and “Timelapses”. So, you might want to check these out, if you have not done so already.

The new updated motors that Konova offers are a lot easier and faster to set up. Also, the whole system is now smaller and requires only connecting one cable to start using it.

Another advantage of the new motors is that they use a linear belt to drive the slider, versus the circular belt on the old system. This means that if you get the longest belt that Konova offers, you can now use it on their largest slider and on any of their smaller sliders. All you have to do is to adjust the length of the belt with two Allen screws – which takes less than a minute.

The motors come with different gear ratios: (1/50, 1/250 and 1/1500). Therefore, some motors allow more precise movement – down to a fraction of a millimetre – while others move faster – you’ll want to use these for live action work.

Konova ms motors various choices

Konova sells different kits. Here is a package that has everything but the slider – i.e. it includes the motorized unit, the pan tilt controller, as well as the free battery adapter

If you’re new to the Konova system, then here is the complete set-up which includes the slider, the motorized unit, the controller and the free battery adapter

If you just want the motorized unit (without the controller), then you can get it here

You can also find these systems on eBay

Here is a quick video from Konova showing you how to set up the system (although this is very simple to do)

Basic Pan Tilt Controller Diagram

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