LED Lights – Thin, Good Quality and Cheap

I wanted to show you a new set of LED lights that I used on a film I shot.

These lights are cheap, color accurate and best of all thin and light to carry. This makes working with lights so much easier. Also these can be powered by batteries making them completely portable. That’s great for those low budget shoots where you have to quickly light your shot and get it done because you don’t have any permits to film.

Here is a video where I show the lights and the work I achieved with them.

You can get these lights on Amazon.com and also from B&H website. Right now the best prices are from B&H except these are all special order, so you will have to wait extra to get them shipped. Amazon will be the quickest. You can also find the lights on the CAME-TV website. I will provide all the links below.

1092D Daylight LED Panel
This is the light that I show in the video but the square version.

Also on B&H
HERE is the smaller version.

1092B Bi-Color LED Panel
The same light but the Bi-Color version.

Also on B&H
HERE is also the bi-color version of this light but smaller and square.

1806D Daylight LED Panel
The larger light I mention in the video can be found on B&H

1806D Bi-Color LED Panel
Bi-Color version of the larger light can also be found on B&H

HERE is the softbox for the smaller LED lights.
You can also get the softbox with the grid for the larger lights HERE.
HERE are the barn doors for the lights.

5 thoughts on “LED Lights – Thin, Good Quality and Cheap”

    1. Hi Chris! Daylight is a big stronger and you can still convert it to tungsten using the filter… so I think I prefer that one more… otherwise they’re both identical lights.

  1. I love doing photography in the mountains. I can get some great shots, but sometimes the lighting is not so great. I like that you pointed out that LED lighting is great because it is light and portable- perfect for small hikes with camera equipment.

  2. I agree with your point of view, your article has given me a lot of help and benefited me a lot. Thanks. Hope you continue to write such excellent articles.

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