NWO United We Stand short film stock footage shot

Make your films & videos look big budget thanks to stock footage

Many indie filmmakers don’t realize that nowadays high-quality stock footage is affordable and easily accessible. As a result, they miss out on an easy way to raise the quality of their work.

It used to be expensive and tedious to acquire stock footage. Now, once you sign up with one of the several websites offering this type of service, you just find the footage you want and download it.

Now, keep in mind that you won’t always find the perfect shot. Sometimes, you will have to alter it somewhat, like we did with the opening shot of our short “NWO United We Stand”. But, usually with a little bit of post work, you can get great shots.

So, remember that you don’t always have to film every shot yourself. Be practical about this. Consider the time and money needed to create your own shot versus using stock footage.

We often take advantage of stock footage. We’ve had very good experience with the website Video Blocks that offers stock footage as well as motion backgrounds, After Effects templates and and other special effects.

Here’s a video where Tom talks in detail about how we used stock footage for several shots in “NWO United We Stand”

Video Blocks has actually made a special offer available to you – seven days of free stock footage – if you follow this link. So now you have a perfect opportunity to try it out for yourself.

If you have not yet seen our short “NWO United We Stand”, you can check it out below

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