Compact Travel Sliders from Konova

Here are a few great little travel sliders from Konova.

I already did a review of the Konova slider last year. It’s been my favorite since I started using it. Not only that but I also got their motion control unit for timelapse and live work, as well as their pan and tilt head and their jib system that converts their sliders into a great camera crane. The main thing I like about Konova products, aside from how well they’re made, is the fact that it allows you to build on-top of their basic slider so you can turn it into an advanced filmmaking machine.

Here is my favorite version which is 60cm long or 23 inches.

If you want something even more compact then here is a 48cm or 19 inch version.

You can also get these sliders on

You can find other Konova products at their eBay store.

I thought I would show you their smaller sliders which are just as good as the original slider I reviewed here, with the added bonus of being able to pack up in my carry on luggage so I can travel with it easily.

Here is a quick video about that:

Konova Sliders are available in these sizes:

18inch / 48cm
23inch / 60cm
31inch / 80cm
39inch / 100cm
47inch / 120cm
59inch / 150cm

Below is my original review of the Konova sliders:

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