AllSteady-6Pro Gimbal Review (after 2 months of real world use)

I had a chance to use a new 3-axis camera gimbal on the last feature film project I worked on. I decided to take this gimbal with me for the shoot because it is smaller and lighter than the DJI Ronin and Moza gimbals. Plus, even though it packs into a small case, it supports cameras ranging from DSLMs (ex. Sony A7s, Panasonic GH4) all the way to the RED Epic.

Since this gimbal uses the Alexmos 32bit board, it allows a lot of customization, as you will see in the video review below.

You can get the gimbal at for $1,297.95

The gimbal is also available on Amazon and eBay

In the video, I talk about different ways of adjusting the camera focus while using a gimbal. The first one I mention is the Silencer Pro trigger-controlled follow focus. Check out my review of it here.

Also, I mention the Aputure DEC Lens Adapter – it allows you to change focus wirelessly. I will be releasing a post about this soon, so check back on my website, if you are interested.

Another system I’ve used is the Senna wireless follow focus. I reviewed it here.

Special Thanks to:
Andre Guantantanamo

Jonathan Robbins at

Matthew Luppino

for helping me shoot this video. Please check out their work.

3 thoughts on “AllSteady-6Pro Gimbal Review (after 2 months of real world use)”

  1. Hey Tom:

    I really like your work. Nice stuff. I’m reaching out to you for another purpose…real estate photography.

    I’m a real estate photographer in the Boston area and I’m considering branching into some video work on real estate for my clients. I currently use a Canon 6d with an canon f 2.8, 16-35. My backup camera is a Canon rebel T5i with a 32-70mm. I need to confess, I know very little about video, but I also need to remain competitive in this Real Estate photography market and so I’m exploring a gimbal system – all steady 6. I am also looking into a drone – maybe the DJI Phantom 3. I’m tapping you for some advice or at least, if you can point me in the direction to some questions I have – especially about real estate video work. A crash course if you will on how to’s.

    1. I also would like to know where I can obtain some royalty free music to add to the video or a subscription service.
    2. Do the DSLR camera use have autofocus feature or do I need some of the focus gear you review? I plan to load magic lantern on my Canon T5i, but maybe not on my Canon 6d
    3. Do I need a different lens for my work?
    3a. white wash windows? Does the camera in video mode fix this automatically?
    4. I understand that all ready 6 gimbal can be “pre-programmed” for both of my cameras. But if I change a lens or something, is re-balancing the AS 6 easy for a DIY like myself?

    In short, my goal is to create something like the link below. It is an example of a video walk-thru.

    Thanks for your time,
    Rob Moreno

    1. 1. I use
      2. I never use AF in my videos unless its just for home video. If you want to get good focus you need to do it manually. Some products I reviewed help with that.
      3. The lens you have right now will work with video too.
      3a. not sure what you mean
      4. Balancing is fairly easy if all you change is the lens.

  2. Hey Tom, thanks for the review. Im just wondering about the price? Did TurboAce increase the price of this gimbal or whats the story here? Im thinking to get the DJI R-M if thats the case.

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