Silencer Pro Trigger Follow Focus System - review by Tom Antos

Silencer Pro – Trigger Controled Follow Focus for Gimbals

Today I wanted to show you a great way to adjust focus, using the Silencer Pro system. This trigger-controlled follow focus allows you to pull the focus using just your finger.

Since it uses a thin wire, it can be used on gimbals, steadicams, cranes, etc. This is really great when you can’t, or when it is difficult, to directly put your hand on the lens.

Since a lot of people wonder how I adjust the focus when using gimbals or steadicams, I wanted to show this type of a tool – a trigger-controlled system.

Another solution / tool is to use a wireless follow focus system. I’ve already reviewed two such systems: Wondlan and Senna. In the near future, I will review another one. It is simple to set up and works great, but it unfortunately only works with some Canon EF lenses. The Silence Pro has the advantage of working with pretty much any lens out there.

Here’s today’s video

You can buy the Silencer Pro on the company’s website or Amazon

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