Aputure DEC Lens Adapter

Aputure DEC Wireless Lens Adapter with Focus & Aperture Controller

Today, I’m going to talk about another way how to control wirelessly camera focus. This is very useful when you have the camera mounted on a gimbal, steadicam or jib/crane. Aputure has a device called DEC Wireless Focus & Aperture Controller Lens Adapter. By using this lens adapter, you are able to control not only the focus, but also the aperture. Actually, it also allows you to start and stop the camera remotely, which I found very useful.

Here’s today’s video

So, the limitation of this system is that it works only with Canon EF and EF-S lenses that you will mount onto MFT-mount (ex. Panasonic GH4, BMPCC) or Sony E-mount cameras (ex. Sony A7s).

The adapter is available on Amazon, BH Photo Video and .

MFT version
Sony E-Mount version

MFT version

Aputure DEC Wireless Adapter – MFT version – on

Aputure DEC Wireless Adapter – E-mount version – on

Here is the battery that I use to power the adapter

In the video, I mention my DIY wireless video system. If you want to see how I set it up, please go here.

Special Thanks to:
Andre Guantantanamo

Jonathan Robbins at jonathanrobbins.ca

Matthew Luppino

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