LED Lightsaber

Film Lights: LED Lightsaber

Recently, I got to use a cool light from LED-Video-Lights, the 516 LED Handheld Bi-Color Dimmable Light. I just call it the LED lightsaber.

For its size, the light has very good power output and it’s very practical. It came in very handy, for example, when I was shooting in a van that was packed with actors – it’s a scene from the feature “Red Spring” that I filmed in May.

Check out my video review to see the shot from the movie and find out more about the light.

    Some other facts about the light:

  • It contains 516 LED bulbs
  • Bi-color with 258 Daylight color bulbs & 258 Tungsten color bulbs
  • Has a 5200mAh lithium battery that last around 2 hours
  • Accepts 100 to 240V AC & DC 12V
  • Dimmable

You can buy the light from the company’s web store. The company is right now offering a $20 discount to the readers of my blog (use the promo code “ILED” when you are in the shopping cart). And the shipping is free.

Alternatively, you can purchase the light from Amazon U.K..

The company also has an Amazon U.S. store where you can see their other products.

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