Wondlan Wireless Follow Focus

Today I wanted to show a cool and affordable wireless follow focus system for your DSLR camera or even higher end cameras like the Red Epic.

If you’ve ever used a camera on a steadicam or digital stabilizer, even a long crane where you can’t directly control the focus with your hands then you’ve definitely wondered how the pros keep their shots in focus. When I shoot with small handheld stabilizers I have two solutions to keeping my shots in focus. First is by making sure I don’t shoot with a narrow depth of field. I achieve that by either using a really wide lens, since shorter focal lengths equal deeper DOF. Or I close down on the aperture as much as I can to widen the DOF. The other way to keep your shot in focus is to simply set focus on your subject and once you start moving I try to keep the same distance between me and my subject. Of course these two methods are very limiting. So if you want to be able to move in and away from your subject and also achieve that nice shallow DOF look, you will need to invest in a wireless follow focus system. Most can cost thousands of dollars, but there are now a few affordable options out there. Today I’m looking at the wireless follow focus from Wondlan.

You can buy it HERE at the www.came-tv.com camera gear store.

Overall I am very happy with this focus system. It always hits the marks. Is very responsive, with minimal delay between the transmitter and receiver. The one thing I wish for is that the motor didn’t make the noise. With the noise the way it is you will not be able to use this system when filming quiet intimate scene where audio recording is necessary. Otherwise it works great! It’s small and easy to setup which is real important if you plan to actually use this in a real production environment.

If you want to use this follow focus then you will either need to use cinema style lenses or convert your DSLR still photography lenses by putting a focus gear ring belt on the focus ring of your lens. The best one that I like to use is available on AMAZON.com

Of course to use this wireless focus you will most likely need a wireless video system and monitor. I did a post about a affordable DIY solution that you can read all about HERE.

Here is the video about my DIY wireless video system

5 thoughts on “Wondlan Wireless Follow Focus”

  1. Hi Tom,
    Thank you very much for the review, I was waiting for it since you announced it.
    Just one question, how do you mount this follow focus on the came 7000 3axis gimbal and balance it? Can you show us your setup? I’ll understand if you don’t have the time tough 🙂

    Thanks again

    1. I still haven’t mounted it on my gimbal. Once I do I will do a whole video on that setup together with the wireless video system.

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