Photo & Video Cheat Sheet – Learn camera fundamentals!

Download and print out your own Photo & Video Cheat Sheet!

It’s a quick reference card that will help you set the right camera settings for perfect creative control.
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Watch the video below to learn how to use it.

Here you can find the old tutorial I did about what changes the Depth Of Field and how to control it.

Very often I get asked questions about cameras and settings from people who want to achieve advanced effects even though they don’t understand the basics of what each camera setting does. It’s very important to first learn the fundamentals if you want to stay in total control of your camera. Also this way you will know what to do to acheive the different creative control. In this video I cover everything you need to know about aperture, shutter speed, ISO & white balance settings. Plus I talk about different lens focal lengths and what kind of effects you can get with that.

As always you can download the Photo and Video Cheat Sheet along with all my other cool freebies in the DOWNLOADS section of my website. Over there you will also find lots of other downloads like the free LUTs and widescreen bars, plus more.

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