Hoverboard / Electric Scooter Review

I have finally lived the dream of riding on a hoverboard, almost like Marty did in “Back To The Future” 😉

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you probably have already heard of – and maybe even tried out – the new type of a personal transportation device known as a hoverboard or an electric scooter. I have already done a review of a similar device – an electric unicycle. You can see my review here.

Here is my full video review of a hoverboard that I tested recently

Hoverboards are different in that they have two wheels and are a lot easier to balance – you don’t have to worry about falling left or right. These devices employ latest gyroscope tech so that they automatically balance for you the front and back motion.

Now – even thought I have already learned to ride pretty well the electric unicycle – I must say learning to ride this hoverboard was a completely new challenge. Unlike what I thought, the hoverboard does not operate and feel the same as the unicycle. Overall, I feel like it’s a more stable platform for those slow movements and, especially, for when you want to make tight turns and go backwards (which is always hard on a unicycle).

Other than that, I don’t know if it’s a device that I can recommend to everyone. For filmmaking, it can be useful, but only in very limited situations. If you are riding on a very smooth surface, then it might be helpful. Otherwise, it would be too risky to operate on uneven surface while also operating a camera and trying to get a good shot.

But if you just want a fun little device to play with, then this thing is fun. The new version has a much better battery (UL2272 certified, so it won’t randomly explode on you) and comes with a remote control key that allows you to lock the board (so nobody else can operate it).

Here are a few of the models you can buy online. The one I got is from CAME-TV, which you can buy online here.

You can also get a similar model on Amazon and

4 thoughts on “Hoverboard / Electric Scooter Review”

  1. Thank you for your review of the hoverboards. It’s good to know that the batteries have been replaced with a safer version that won’t explode while you are riding it.

  2. Hello Tom, Thanks for sharing. I personally prefer riding hoverboards over unicycles. You’re right, they are easier to manipulate and has better balance. My team and I have reviewed several rides. You are welcome to check it out.

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