Today I review and test out the updated CAME-MINI camera gimbal – Version 2.

I earlier reviewed the first version of the CAME-MINI gimbal. You can see the full review here.

In the first version of this gimbal, I liked its size and light weight, as well as the fact that it could be balanced without the use of a gimbal stand. What I didn’t like was that the gimbal required tools to balance, and also the way it performed in extreme running situations.

It seems like CAME-TV listened to the feedback from users and addressed all those issues. The new version, CAME-Mini 2, is probably the best small gimbal I have used so far.

Here is my video review of it

You can buy the CAME-MINI 2 gimbal directly from the CAME-TV store or on .

NOTE: The official weight limit on this gimbal is 1.2kg or 2.6 pounds. So it will not work well with camera/lens combo weighing more than this amount.

12 thoughts on “CAME-MINI 2”

  1. Thanks for the review Tom! Do you or anyone else know if I could use a Canon 70D or T3i with the CAME MINI2? Or would I have to use one of the other gimbals?

  2. Hi Tom!
    Thanks a lot for the review!
    Would you think I could fit a Sony a6000 with a Sigma 17-50 2.8 for sony? It appears it would weight 1107g…
    Thank you very much!

  3. Hi Tom, thanks for the review – really opened up my eyes to the fact that I can afford a gamble after all.

    Question – I don’t see the site listing a cage is included – obviously because the cage needs to be different from camera to camera. What cage would you recommend for the GH4?

    1. It comes with the cage you see in the product image… it fits most of the smaller cameras, but if you have a big lens then you can remove the front portion of the cage to fit the lens in.

  4. Hi Tom,

    Thanks for the great review…

    I’m torn between deciding on the Mini 2 and the Came Single. Do you have plans to review the Single? Have you had a chance to try it yet? And does the Mini 2 have encoder like the Single?

    Thanks in advance for the answers.

    1. Nope haven’t used the single yet… it looks like a great gimbal though…but definitely can’t say which I think is better since I haven’t tested it yet.

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