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The Cinematography of “Sicario”

Despite all the controversy surrounding this year’s Oscar nominations, 2016 saw outstanding work from many filmmakers, including those recognized by the Academy. One of the most deserving Oscar nominations went to the cinematographer of “Sicario”, Roger Deakins (the film also received two other nominations: Original Score for Jóhann Jóhannsson; and Sound Editing for Alan Robert Murray). Roger Deakins is an accomplished Hollywood cinematographer – some call him the best DP to have never won an Oscar (despite his twelve nominations, before this year’s). He is also someone who shares his knowledge freely. Therefore, he is the perfect person to learn from. Continue reading The Cinematography of “Sicario”

Lighting Dozen – Natural Light – Tutorials!

Today, I am excited to announce the launch of a new edition of my popular Lighting Dozen cinematography tutorials – Natural Light. As the name suggests, this edition shows how to work with natural light. I will explain how to control and shape the sunlight in order to get different moods and looks. Continue reading Lighting Dozen – Natural Light – Tutorials!

DIY & Pro Light Diffusion Frame

Today I wanted to talk about a very simple but useful filmmaking tool – a large frame to which you can attach a silk screen (for example, a soft, white fabric). This is a great way to either soften direct light (ex. the sunlight), or to bounce light back at your subject. You can also put a black screen on and use it as a negative fill, or a black background. Continue reading DIY & Pro Light Diffusion Frame