Konova Contest

We are happy to announce an exciting video contest sponsored by Konova. The company has donated three outstanding prizes, including a slider and a slider jib. Tom has used and reviewed Konova sliders and has always found them of the highest quality. Here are the prizes Konova K7 Slider with two tripod stability arms Konova … Continue reading Konova Contest

Camera Dolly

Camera Dollies Dollies are expensive and also slow to set up and work with. For this reason most filmmakers working with DSLR / DSLM cameras opt for sliders or handheld stabilizers. If you are going to work with a big, cinema camera set-up, though, you will need a dolly for the slow long super smooth … Continue reading Camera Dolly

Camera Sliders

Camera Sliders Together with handheld stabilizers, sliders are a great option for adding camera movement to your work. As compared to stabilizers, sliders give you smoother shots. Their minus is that they have a more limited range. For traditional video work, my favourite slider is the iFootage Carbon Fiber Shark Slider S1, which I reviewed … Continue reading Camera Sliders