How to get that “Film Look” Fast and Free!

Often I get asked how I get my videos to look less like video and more like film.

To answer that question is difficult because it all depends on a lot of things. Production design, lighting, camera angles etc all play a big part. What camera you use is actually not as important as many people think. Another big part of creating that classic film look is color grading. To adjust the colors to get that film look however is not easy as it takes years of experience and lots of tweaking. Luckily thanks to new technology such as LUTs (Look Up Tables) we are not able to save our color grading presets and apply them to our videos. Most of the time this works amazingly without any tweaks, but in a few instances a combination of LUTs and a few color correction settings you can get that film look. I offer 40 custom LUTs on my website for just $22. You can get it here.

But today I also wanted to provide you guys with 3 free classic film looks that I often use myself. You can download those along with all my other free stuff on my download page.

Here is a video where I show those 3 free film look LUTs in action

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