Kevin Spacey becomes online educator

With high costs of post-secondary education in most countries and the riskiness of a career in film and television, it is not surprising that many filmmakers eschew education in traditional film schools and four-year drama programs. Looking for more cost- and time-efficient alternatives, many turn to the internet, which has become a great source of filmmaking knowledge – as has similarly happened with other fields. There seems to be a countless number of filmmaking tutorials, sites and forums that offer an opportunity to learn and get advice.

However, this type of education is normally not structured or formalized, which leads to a lack of recognition or credibility – at least, until the filmmaker produces a piece of work that proves his or her skills. It is a positive development, therefore, when an acclaimed filmmaker joins the online community as an educator.

It is exciting to see that the Masterclass Series is bringing Kevin Spacey to its online courses. For those unfamiliar, the series offers online courses that are taught, as the name suggests, by masters in their fields. The self-paced classes are delivered primarily as video tutorials (typically five hours of content) and cost $90.

Here are some of the other courses in the Masterclass Series:

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Therefore, if you are interested in becoming Kevin Spacey’s student, go to: Kevin Spacey Teaches Acting

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