Softbox LED Light CAME-TV

Softbox for LED lights only $29

I had previously reviewed LED lights from CAME-TV. I was very happy with them and continue to use them on my shoots. The company also offers softboxes specifically designed for these LED lights.

The softbox has dimensions of almost 14″ by 14″ (35cm by 35cm) and also comes with a grid. The grid allows you to create soft but directional light – i.e. the light will not spill to the sides.

SoftBox With Grid For 1024 LED Light

The package costs $29 and you can get it at CAME-TV.

3 thoughts on “Softbox for LED lights only $29”

  1. Hi Tom,

    The dimensions of my LightPro DN-600SC square LED panels are 34cm x 7.8cm x 38cm. Would that work?

    What do you think about these soft boxes? I was going to buy 5 in 1 reflector kits to shoot through the diffuser. Of course I’d need to buy a c-stand as well to attach it to. More gear to lug around!

    But I do want to buy the “right” tool for the job.

    Thanks Tom.

    1. Hi Daryl, how did you get on with your softbox solution? I have the same lights and would be keen to hear your thoughts. thanks heaps 🙂 Matt

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