How To Do Action – Jackie Chan Style

Tony Zhou has posted a great video on Vimeo analyzing action scenes done by Jackie Chan. The fact that Chan leads a great stunt team is a given, but Zhou makes very interesting points about directing and editing fighting scenes. He compares how Jackie Chan’s fights come out in Hollywood versus Hong Kong films. In the latter, Chan normally has full control of how a fight scene is done – including directing and editing – and it shows.

American productions tend to move the camera a lot and cut way more in editing. This approach shortens the shooting schedule and can hide the shortcomings of the stunt team, but the results are less entertaining and rewarding for the audiences.

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  1. Lukasz Antos,

    I whole heartedly agree with your sentiment here. I saw this Tony Zhou video this past weekend and it was nice to see Jackie Chan and his fellow filmmaking team finally get the credit that they deserve as FILMMAKERS. Class is in session, folks.

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