Zoom H5 audio recorder arrives at B&H

Zoom H5 audio recorder We have been relying on Zoom audio recorders for years. We’ve used them on our video and film projects, including our documentary “Montanita Beach Life” . You can check out our tutorial where we talk in detail about the audio equipment that we used on this project.

The Zoom H4n has been a best-seller for years (and this is the model we currently use). Last year, the Zoom maker introduced the H6 model, their top-of-the-line portable audio recorder. Among other things, the H6 gives you more channels (six vs four on H4n) and allows to hook up four external – XLR/TRS input – mics (vs two on the H4n).

This year, a new model has been introduced – the H5. It is a smaller and more affordable version of the H6. It has many of the same technical specifications as the H6, although the trade-off is that it records four channels and supports two external microphones, just like the H4n. This latest model has just arrived at B&H.

If you don’t have a portable audio recorder, you’ll do well picking any of those models. We’ve had very good experience with them.

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