Red Epic vs DSLR Camera vs Shot Design

Here is another tutorial where I show that shot design is more important than the camera you use.

I often get asked by others what camera I use, which is hard for me to answer for two reasons:
1. I often use several different cameras on the same project.
2. I don’t think cameras matter that much.

I honestly believe that you can create a good quality film or video with whatever camera you have access to. Sure some cameras have advantages, but I have yet to find that PERFECT camera that does it all. What DOES make a huge difference is your skill to take advantage of the tools that you have do have. Just like a painter who uses a $100 dollar brush and a street artist who uses $1 chalk… it comes down to the creativity. Same goes if you use, for example, the Canon 7D instead of the Red Epic.

If you are still unconvinced, watch this tutorial.

Tutorial 37

Here are a few stills from the tutorial in their full resolution (click on the images to see the originals), so you can compare how the Canon 7D did vs. the Red Epic. Sure, the Epic has more resolution at 5K vs. 1080p on the 7D. But for normal HD output for the internet or even TV, it won’t make that much of a difference. If you wanna spend your time and money on something useful, then instead of buying the Red Epic as your first camera, just go out and use that money to finance you short films. Only through more experience will you learn to create better images.

Here is the original shot on the Canon 7D:


Here is the color corrected shot on the Canon 7D:


Here is the original RAW still from the Red Epic:


Here is the color corrected footage from the Red Epic at 5K:


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4 thoughts on “Red Epic vs DSLR Camera vs Shot Design”

  1. I want to thank you for your tutorials. I wish more photographers would share the kind of information that you give out so freely. I look forward to all the information you share. I also love watching your film clips. Keep up the good work. Thanks again.

    Greg Sanders

  2. thank God that someone like you still exist to help people like us who are eager to be a better photographer.
    please where can i get your tutorial on how to be a better photographer, thanks Ben.

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