Trailer of my new film “Aide The Enemy”!

Still_2Just yesterday I finished shooting all the pick up shots for my new film… so this is all very new, but here is a quick preview of what my new film will be about.

Overall the shooting of this film took about 35 hours. That was spread over 7 days because of difficulties we had with scheduling and the weather. The first day was the most brutal. We did 11 hours none stop in sub freezing temperatures! After that I had a few easy days where I would only work a few hours doing a bunch of small pick up shots.

My flying camera rig. A little RC UAV with a GoPro camera attached to it and a wireless video transmitter so I can see what I’m filming.

On day 4 I managed to get all my principal actors back at the main location and we did all the aerial shots with my UAV camera rig in about 5 hours. The reason why we had to leave all the flying shots for another day was because of the weather. The first 3 days the wind was blowing above 30 km/h which was producing shaking aerial shots.

On day 4 the wind slowed down a bit to just above 20 km/h so I decided I would give it a go. It was hard flying in that kind of wind and getting good framing, but I managed to do it… despite the fact that my batteries lasted me only half of what they normally allow me to fly, because of the cold temperatures. Usually I get about 10 min. of flight time with my rig, but on that day I got about 5 min. My aerial rig consists of the DJI Phantom and the GoPro Hero 3 black edition camera. The only difference is that I used my own custom attachment for the camera which takes out most of the vibrations. Plus I rigged the quadcopter with a wireless video transmitter and a 7 inch monitor on my controller so I can see what I’m filming.

Still_3 Still_1I’m so happy that I managed to get all my shots, and that even though the weather was freezing, we got lucky because day to day the weather matched. We got some snow and a bit of mud which really helps set the mood of the film. Also I gotta thank all the actors who were willing to come out day after day and take time off work for a small indie project such as this. Nobody got paid, so I know how hard it is showing up early in the morning in the middle of snow, rain and freezing cold.

Here’s some behind the scene pics. Let me know if you have any questions. Also know that in the future I will be releasing more and more tutorials and BTS videos from this project. In case you’re wondering what camera I filmmed it on, or lenses then I gotta tell you I used everything I had access to. I shot parts on the Red Epic, with a whole set of RED prime lenses. I also used the Canon 5D and 7D, plus the T2i. I used all sorts of lenses on those cameras, some Canon and Nikons, and even some Tamron lenses. Lastly I used the GoPro Hero 3 Black Edition camera.

Discussing the first shot of the day.
My friend Katsper who played one of the rebels
Posing like a bunch of bad-asses 🙂
Trying to figure out how to operate the Red EPIC with my big gloves on 🙂
The special forces!
The soldiers take the director captive 🙂
Garett in his bad-ass outfit waiting for the next shot.
My B camera operator.























Waiting around for his shots.


5 thoughts on “Trailer of my new film “Aide The Enemy”!”

  1. What do you use for the guns? I’m curious to know in case I decide to make a video with guns in the future.

    1. I use guns from wherever I can borrow them. Some are real some are replica, some are highend airsoft guns.

  2. Hey, nice trailer man !! But i noticed that infowars put up the trailer to and i’m curious if you are getting an anti NWO message out there by making this movie ? I really hope so because we need more people fighting the NWO.

  3. Amazing movie. Really gets the point across and its put into a prspective were people”who are intelligent” can fit all the pieces together. I did 15 months in iraq done over 210 combat patrols. If you plan on making a full length feature and the graphics dont look like sum sci fi chees aide. I have alot of ideas i would like to share with you. I see another video were DHS wasrounding ppl up and freedomfighters were engaging them. I was thinken after the nukes went off everyone joins the nwo the propagandize the aliens and photo shop them killed or killing ppl on the news. Like the fake bin laden ppl. So the gove says to protect you from these roaming aliens and midigate friendly fire we have established lfor you FEMA camps in case sumthing like this would happen and we need to take your fire arms as a measurary necessary precation. And the FF are amabushing dhs setting efp and ieds and i have somecool ideas for like gernades but there magnetized and on a timer and Lot of crazyness that could def make this an epic epic film. Ppl love these kinda movies. Its gonna be like the old red dawn but no foreign troops just one mass deception and alot of bad ass’s standin there ground not taking shit from big brother and paint a true picture for the public of just whos in office and he should deffentaly be rockin a hitler stash. The freedom fighters symbol should be a anarchy with an ak going through the middle of it i got one on my arm its burnt orange actually lol i live in central PA. I would love to hear back from you with ur thoughts and ideas, your yays and nays. Im nate. Rockin movie

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