CineDrone 2

CineDrone 2.0

As many of you know, last year I ran an indiegogo campaign to build the CineDrone – a RC quadcopter camera rig. Designed for the GoPro cameras, this affordable device – under $2000 – was ready out of the box to let you get cinematic aerial shots. The campaign generated a lot of interest and I ended up building even more units for the latecomers to the project. Even to this today, I get more requests.

To find out more about the CineDrone, see my post.

As much fun as it was to develop the CineDrone, I do want to focus on my more creative work. Therefore, I am no longer making the CineDrones. Fortunately for those of you interested in getting a CineDrone-like device, other providers are emerging on the market. One such provider is the B&H Photo Video store.

B&H presently offers a rig similar to my own, but with some improvements, thanks to the advances by the DJI Phantom and other components makers. Some of the key improvements are:

  • Longer flight times – 20 minutes per battery
  • Stronger, clearer video signal – transmission up to 3937 feet
  • Up to 3280 feet of line-of-sight radio range
  • Flight data superimposed on video allowing you to see:
    • where you are flying (how far and high)
    • your horizontal and vertical speeds
    • how many satellites your GPS has connection to
    • your remaining battery life
  • the drone is even more stable and easier to fly
  • The propellers self-tighten so there is no need to worry about loose props flying off
  • Easier and faster way of charging the batteries thanks to the new charger

The cost of the rig is similar to what I was providing. Also, you can get it with or without the GoPro camera.

Since this is a custom-made set-up that works out of the box, there is a waiting time – right now B&H requires 4-6 weeks.

To purchase or find out more, click on the links below.

Here is a video where I talk in more detail about the cinedrone from B&H.

You might want to purchase accessories for the cinedrone, especially batteries. Here are some options.

DJI Phantom 2 Quadcopter Batteries on

Replacement propellers

You can also get the propellers on

Also, B&H now sells a very useuful ND filter for the GoPro Hero that improves color saturation, besides letting you to shoot at normal shutter speeds when filming outside in bright daylight.

Finally, to protect the GoPro, here is a clear lens cover

You can also get the cover on

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