High-end Rig for BlackMagic Cameras – Lanparte Rig

In my previous post, I reviewed the medium-priced Gini BMCC EX rig for the BlackMagic cameras. This time, I am reviewing a high-end model – the Lanparte BlackMagic Camera Cage Kit.

On a recent project, I had a chance to use this rig with the BMPC 4K. The rig has been great. Even if I try to nitpick, I cannot find anything negative about it. It is solidly built, well thought-out and handles easily. It supports both top and bottom 15mm rails for accessories attachments. The top handle extends both forward and backward and you can quickly adjust the left and right positions of the top handle to balance the rig. In addition, it has the best monitor mounting arm that I have come across.

The rig’s Professional Kit version that I used has everything you might want in a camera rig. It includes a Li-ion battery, has useful power options with an HDMI splitter built-in (in case you want to use it with a DSLR). It also comes with a really good matte box and the best follow focus system I’ve had the chance to use.

Here is my video review of the Lanparte BlackMagic Camera Cage Kit Professional rig.

So if you need a complete rig for serious film work, then you should give the Lanparte Professional Kit a serious consideration. Keep in mind that you’ll save money buying it all together at once, rather than buying the components separately.

But if you can’t afford it right now – I know, it is an expensive piece of equipment – or you are not sure if you need all the functionality, then another option is to start with the main cage system and gradually build it up.

Here are the links to purchase or find out more

You can also click here to check out all the other Lanparte products on Amazon

These rigs are also available on

Or if you want to buy direct from China then you can find them at the CAME online store.

I also have a video review where I cover other recommended equipment for the BlackMagic cameras.

Here is a list of all the accessories mentioned in the video

Blackmagic Approved SSD 480GB on Amazon and

SSD Docking Station on Amazon – also similar products on

Lilliput 7″ Field Monitor with SDI input (cheapest monitor that will work with the Blackmagic Cameras) on Amazon and

SDI Cable to connect the monitor to the Blackmagic cameras on Amazon and

LEE 4×4″ Neutral Density Polyester Filter Set at B&H and

ikan Sony L battery adapter for Blackmagic cameras at B&H

Sony L type NP-F97 Battery at B&H and

Sony L Battery Charger by ikan at B&H and

Articulating Magic Arm 11″ on Amazon and

Articulating Magic Arm 7″ on Amazon and

Articulating Magic Clamp on Amazon and

Camera Mounting Plate for 15mm Rails on Amazon and

Mini Ballhead with 1/4″ and Flash Shoe attachment on Amazon and

Follow Focus Gear Ring on Amazon and

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