Cinedrone Sky Is The Limit

CineDrone – Sky Is The Limit

Thanks to advances in technology, indie filmmakers now have amazing tools that let them match the picture quality of Hollywood productions. However, one important aspect of filmmaking that has remained out of the reach of low-budget filmmakers is aerial cinematography. This does not have to be the case much longer, though.

As soon as the first consumer quadcopters emerged, inventive filmmakers started to experiment with recording video footage from these devices. The results have been mixed. Even when the footage turned out to be satisfactory, usually the time, cost and technical expertise required to build such a system was considerable, thereby still keeping aerial cinematography out the toolbox of most filmmakers.

For the last year I have been testing different devices and components to see whether it is possible to build a system on a reasonable budget that would meet the needs of indie filmmakers. I am happy to say that I have constructed a system – i.e. the CineDrone – that meets my needs as a filmmaker and cinematographer. Watch my test footage and judge the results for yourself. Considering that I have not used any post-stabilization, I think that CineDrone is capable of producing great shots that would fit perfectly in a mega budget film production.

Here are some shots I got using my CineDrone

I have spent a lot of time and money to build this one device. With this experience, I can now make improvements to the build of this system. I can also lower the costs if I can order all the components in batches.

Therefore, If there are enough of you interested, I can gain the scale and efficiency to deliver the CineDrones on an affordable budget.

Tutorial 45 – CineDrone

I am foremost a filmmaker and so I am not planning to get in the business of selling these systems afterwards. But with your pledges I could dedicate the time to build a limited number of these devices so that more filmmakers can start getting great aerial shots.

Here are some key advantages of my CineDrone:
– great aerial cinematography on an affordable budget
– a small device that only requires one person to operate it
– can be used in spaces where airplanes cannot or are not allowed to fly

If you don’t know how or simply don’t have the time to build one yourself then I can do it for you. This way all you have to do is attach your GoPro Hero camera and you’re ready to fly. If you want to build one yourself then I will produce video tutorials that explain how to make the exact same CineDrone like the one I have. Also, I will produce for you a series of training videos on how to get cinematic shots using an RC aerial platform like my CineDrone.

To make a pledge please go to:

11 thoughts on “CineDrone – Sky Is The Limit”

  1. Hey friend,

    Good morning. I’m Jaidev an upcoming film director from INDIA. I have lots of experience as an assistant and associative director for feature film making. Today i have seen your technology for areal shots by using CineDrone. It’s very nice. Thanks for your invention. Probably at some point of time i’ll contact you for this CeniDrone.

  2. Fantastic video..are you ready to build me the complete Cinedrome, what will the cost be and time to ship to South Africa

    1. Yes I can build custom CineDrone. Just depends what you want. If you want just the drone then it’s $1700 with shipping. If you want the cinedrone with the case and extra batteries then it’s $2000. Contact me through here and I will email you back with all the details on how to pay etc.

  3. Just saw one of your youtube video. I’ve been wanting to get into aerial photograph for some time now. Just woundering how close are you from getting the complete kit done. I don’t want to run out, get the dji drone and then a week or two later your full kit comes out. How far are you from completing your research?

    1. Im not going to be selling this kit. I am only doing this as a one time thing to help some indie filmmakers get an affordable aerial rig. If you’re interested in the plans or a custom build unit then I am still accepting money via paypal for the next week. I will be delivering the units in about a month if there are no delays. After that I am done with this project.

  4. I am a subcriber to your channel on youtube and I must say, you have really been an immense assistance. What components did you use for the video transmission from the Drone to the 7” LCD monitor? Keep up the good works!

  5. hi sir im ambeth dani from India im a vfx studient … its osm to see this video… i need this… can help me.. plz

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