Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K is finally available!

Yes you heard it right. You can now order the Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K and have it shipped to you within 2 days. Not only that but many of you will get free shipping.

In case you didn’t see my various posts I did before about this wonderful camera then I will quickly list some of the reasons why I personally love this camera.

First it’s the price and the features you are getting. No other camera in the $1300 dollar range will allow you to shoot 4K RAW videos with the same quality of colors and dynamic range as the BMPCC4K (or the Pocket 4K as I’ll refer to it from now on). I mention many of of the amazing features this camera offers in my initial review which you can find here.

Another great thing about this camera is the small size and durable body design. I’ve had the camera dropped. I’ve had it out in the rain. I’ve had it in very hot and dry dessert environment and I’ve had it hidden in a small rig for real run-and-gun style of filmmmaking and this camera always delivers those stunning RAW images.

The codec options are just amazing. Specially with the recent updates to the firmware, if you weren’t sure yet if this was the camera for you, now you will be convinced. The new BRAW codec alone is a reason to get the Pocket 4K.

The low light capability and the dual ISO sensor are another amazing features that very few cameras in the market today have. You can check out my latest post about the Pocket 4K where I talk about the ISO and it’s other great features here.

Another good thing about this camera is actually it’s mount and image sensor. Yes you heard me right. The Micro Four Thirds sensor is not a bad thing. It’s actually one of the reasons why I was always such a fan of the Panasonic GH4 and GH5 cameras. It’s smaller sensor allows you to get a much bigger zoom for those sports or wildlife shots. At the same time if you want to carry an overall smaller camera then the M43 lenses are tiny in comparison with full frame or even APS-C size lenses. I did a whole post where I talk about the different lens options here.

Now of course if you want to get wide angle shots then M43 sensor can be a bit limiting. This can however be easily overcome by putting a focal reducing lens adapter on the Pocket 4K camera. I did a comparison of a few of my favorite adapters in this post. So go check that out for example shots.

Doesn’t mean that this camera is perfect in ever way. As of yet I have still not found that “perfect camera” but the Pocket 4K is very close. Some of it’s shortcomings are the battery life for example. This problem along with some of the other issues I found with this camera can however be easily fixed and I talk about all of that in this post I wrote before.

You can right now buy the Pocket 4K camera at B&H and get it shipped to your house within 2 days by clicking on this LINK. Do it fast before B&H again sells out it’s current stock! If you are unlucky to not be able to order it before they sell out again from B&H then you can always go and buy it on eBay for a slightly increased price or you can also check out Adorama or Amazon if they have them in stock again if you don’t want to pay premium. Last I checked Amazon will have them in stock at the end of May and will be able to deliver them to you by first week of June.

So if after reading all of my posts about this amazing little camera hasn’t convinced you to get one for yourself then you probably aren’t looking for cinema quality camera but more of a video camera for simpler projects. In that case there are many other options out there that I list in my gear kit.

If however you own or do plan to buy the Pocket 4K or another of the other great Blackmagic Design cameras then you should also give my FREE LUT’s a try. I designed these specifically to aid in shooting and color grading the different Blackmagic cameras and also so that if you are shooting on a few different Blackmagic cameras, then you can easily color match them in post. You can get those free LUT’s in my post here.

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The opinions expressed in this video were not influenced by or paid for by any outside individual or company. I use and test lots of products that are sent to me or that I buy myself. In the end, I only talk about the products that I find interesting.

4 thoughts on “Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K is finally available!”

  1. Very nice overview of the BMPCC4K. What IR Variable ND do you recommend to correct the pollution ?

  2. hi Tom! I really enjoy and learn a lot from your videos.

    I’m a photojournalist who start to shift to videos 3 years ago and using a sony a6300 (i have only 1 sony lens 18-105 f4, and 3 canon ef lenses: 17-40L, old 35mm f2.0 and 70-200 L)

    Nose I’m in the middle of a “crisis” (because of the limited budget that i have) about still doing both photography and video (so update my gears either to the sony a6500 or sony a7iii) or get a bmpcc4k (but giving up photography). what do you suggest?

    thank you

    1. In your case I would suggest the Sony A7iii. It’s an amazing stills camera and video camera as well. It won’t give you RAW video like you can with the BMPCC4K but the RAW photos and the great quality 8Bit video are a perfect middle ground.

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