CINEGEARS Ghost-Eye Wireless HDMI & SDI Video Transmission Kit 600M

Wireless Video System – CINEGEARS Ghost Eye 600M

Today, I’m testing a long-range wireless video transmission system from Cinegears.

You can get the Cinegears Ghost Eye 600M on B&H, Adorama, eBay, Amazon

So, if you are doing gimbal/steadicam work, or need to send wireless video signal to your assistant and director, then the 600M GHOSTEYE is a great system to look into. Personally, I think this system from Cinegears is even better value than the Teradek Bolt one.

Here’s the cage that I like a lot:
Handheld Director’s Monitor Cage on B&H, Adorama, eBay, Amazon

    Here is the other gear I showed in the video:

  • Aputure FineHD 7 inch Monitor on B&H, Amazon
  • SmallHD 702 7 inch Monitor on B&H, Amazon

So, as the name indicates, the range of Cinegears Ghost Eye 600M is six hundred meters (about 2,000 feet). Of course, these specifications apply only to ideal situations – when there is no interference, and there is an unblocked line of sight. In the real world, the range of course is less (but as the video showed, still very good – please see my range tests in the video above).

I used this video transmission system on a film project I shot recently. We shot indoors, and when we tried to send the signals two floors down, through the concrete walls, the signal did come out. So, it’s always best to do a test in the location you will be filming (in order to find the best spot to set up).

The system itself has no latency – as long as you use an SDI connection. Due to the limits of HDMI, you will experience small, but noticeable latency when using the HDMI. So, having SDI connections is one reason to use a pro camera like the URSA Mini 4.6K.

The transmitter sends out four channels. Also, it can connect to an unlimited number of Ghost Eye receivers.

The build of the system is very solid – metal bodies.

For the receiver, I recommend mounting it to a tripod or a cage, via the 1/4″ screw mounts.

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