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How to get CRISP noiseless videos & photos – in any light and with any camera!

Today’s tutorial is on the long side – almost half hour – but it covers techniques that are crucial to filmmakers and photographers. There is a lot of information about how to remove noise from your images, while making them cinematic. So, here we go!

I hope the video does a good job explaining these important concepts. Here are some key points that I would like you to take away:

  • all modern cameras can give noiseless video in low light
  • don’t focus too much on having a camera with a high usable ISO, like the Sony A7S, or full-frame cameras in general; it’s more important that you light your scene; this includes taking advantage of available (practical) light that you find at your location
  • cameras with high usable ISO tend to make their users ignore light sources and stop them from designing their shots; because their camera can “see” (expose) everything, they feel they have well exposed shots; although they might have little noise, these images usually end up flat, rather than cinematic
  • know the final look of your image, then set exposure and use light appropriately for this look; use contrast between bright and dark areas to create cinematic shots

By the way, I did not use the V Log on the GH5 to get better exposure. I was just testing the performance of this flat profile. Since there is usually not much dynamic range in night scenes, I would normally not recommend using flat profiles in these situations.

If you are interested in buying the Famous Movies LUTs I used in today’s video, you can purchase them here.

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Here are my reviews of the two cameras I used in today’s video:
Panasonic GH4 review
Panasonic GH5 review

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