Aputure Deity Condenser Microphone

Film Shoot Tested! Aputure Deity Condenser Microphone – Is it good?

Recently, I shot a film recently where I got to use a bunch of new camera gear. One of the things I tested was the new shotgun mic from Aputure.

The mic I used was the Aputure Deity Condenser Microphone. It’s shock and weather proof and also very directional. This is the kind of mic that you want in most film shoot scenarios.

Overall, I am happy with the build quality and how the mic performed. The floor noise is really low, and it picks up the higher-end frequencies really well.

Check out the video for test shots, so you can hear for yourself how it sounds

You can buy the Aputure Deity Condenser microphone on BH Photo Video, , Amazon, Amazon UK, Amazon Germany, Adorama, Aputure website

2 thoughts on “Film Shoot Tested! Aputure Deity Condenser Microphone – Is it good?”

  1. Great reviews! Especially helpful for the novice newbie. I’m sure the higher end equipment reviews are great for the pros too.

    Thanks Tom!

  2. Hi! I am buyed this microphone. Use with Ursa mini 4.6 give very low gain (about -18, -24db). Phantom power is on, high level. What i am doing wrong?

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