Cinegears Wireless Video System Ghost-Eye 150m

Cinegears Wireless Video System Ghost-Eye 150m

Over the years, I’ve had a chance to use and review a number of wireless video systems. Here is a high-end system from Cinegears called the Ghost-Eye 150m.

This is a very impressive system. It offers uncompressed 10-bit video signal at a long range (up to 150 m or 492′) and with no delay. You cannot ask for much more. Unfortunately, this premium product does not come cheap and is out of reach for many indie filmmakers. But if you have a client base that demands top-notch production, you should be considering this video system, if not the more expensive models that Cinegears also offers. These are high-quality products geared towards established film and video professionals.

You can buy the Ghost-Eye 150m system at BH Photo Video.

You can also get it on the Cinegears website.

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