Love Like You – music video

I did a new music video for a talented Canadian singer/songwriter Christopher Charles. The song is titled “Love Like You”. I tried to create something different than what you normaly see in RnB videos. I wanted to create a feeling of recalling old memories that are a bit blury and hard to recall. Like trying to remeber an old love, where all you really see in your mind are those few glimpses of the person smiling/crying, looking at you.

Hopefuly I was sucessful 🙂 The video hits TV stations across North America at the end of August. Enjoy!


Cinematography Tutorials!

They’re finally here! I know I’ve been promising to put up some tutorials for a while now… so here they are! They were a lot more time consuming than I original thought they would be. Still a lot easier than having to go through all the emails and answer all the questions that people had. I hope you find them useful. I will be adding more and more as time allows.

You can see them on my YouTube Channel, where you can subscribe and stay up to date!

Mississauga Parks

I had the pleasure to do a video for the new Mississauga Parks website. It was a crazy shoot with lots of different locations and scenarios. We met a lot of fun people, both kids and adults, who are in the video. We were even treated to a really delicious Pakistani BBQ. I little spicy… and if u know me then u know I can’t handle any spice in my like 🙂 But tasty none the less!

I wanted to say thanks to Arlene and Joanne for helping us!

Click here to see the video on YouTube!

Filmmaking Tips and Tutorials