$15 DIY Rain Machine

Do you want to make it rain in your next film? Or maybe you’re doing a sexy music video where you wet the ladies down? Here’s how you can do it on a super low budget!

I’ve been playing around with different types of rain machines as I am getting ready for my next film. This May, I’m planning to shoot an epic VAMPIRE film titled “Red Spring”, where a lot of the scenes happen at night and in the rain.

So, I decided to get ready by testing out different rain machine set-ups and see how to best capture it.

Here is a tutorial where I show how I built two different rain makers – one for $15 and the other for $70.

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5 thoughts on “$15 DIY Rain Machine”

  1. Hi!
    About the second rain machine you describe (the one made with sprinklers and PVC), I wonder if the sprinkler are making the typical sprinkler noise, which can be a problem for direct sound recording. Can you comment on this ?

    1. These sprinklers don’t make any noise other then water noise. What you are talking about are the rotating sprinklers that make a tiss tiss tiss sound as the sprinkler heads rotate around.

      1. Nice, I tried something similar but could only get one sprinkler to work due to water pressure. Is your water pressure normal or would you say stronger than most ? Also, what if you have no water supply to connect to? Say out in the woods somewhere?

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