Lighting Dozen

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A set of 12 cinematography tutorials.

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Do you want to see how to set up cinematic shots – step-by-step? This set of twelve cinematography tutorials gives you exactly that – detailed information on equipment, camera settings, camera and lights positioning (including diagrams) and color correction.

The equipment I use is affordable to most indie filmmakers. Plus, I present do-it-yourself alternatives to make it possible to achieve these great-looking shots on the smallest of budgets.

The set gives you twelve varied lighting scenarios that will greatly enhance your films, music videos, commercials and other video projects. Some of the lighting styles covered include: horror films, romantic comedies, stylized music videos and natural outdoor lighting.

By reproducing these twelve cinematic shots in your projects, you will not only impress your audiences and clients, but also build a foundation on which you can experiment and develop your own creative shots. Reproducing the work of others and then enhancing it with your own ideas is the best way of learning. This is exactly how I learned.

Total Running Time: 3.9 hours

1. Intro (4:43 min.)
2. Campfire (10:01 min.)
3. Candle Light (15:24 min.)
4. Car Driving (59:36 min.)
5. Crazy Cool (11:47 min.)
6. Desert Sky (15:35 min)
7. Fences & Streaks (17:21 min.)
8. Fogged Out (19:11 min.)
9. Night Rain (23:00 min.)
10. Perfect Date (16:35 min.)
11. Spooky Forest (16:35 min.)
12. Stylish & Cool (15:23 min.)
13. Urban Brick (15:24 min)


  1. Teofilo Colon Jr

    Sending a hearty BRAVO! to you on your new Lighting Dozen Cinematography Tutorial Series. Insightful and practical, your new Cinematography series is suited for new independent filmmakers looking to improve the looks of their likely low-budget movie / documentary / music video / television / tv commercial / new media productions. That said, seasoned professionals can learn a little something as well.

    Your tutorial is an exemplary example of an approach to the problem-solving that MUST take place on cinema productions, no matter what the budget is. A highlight was watching your thorough breakdown of the setups of the imagery in your tutorials, some of which are iconic.

    Furthermore, you also methodically show viewers how to use color grading / color grading technology to further tweak images in post-production so that they DAZZLE. That post-production step is usually forgotten about and typically ignored, despite it being a crucial step in cinematography. I for one, loved when you showed how to manipulate sections of the frame of a moving image just like you can burn and / or dodge portions of a still digital photo in Photoshop.

    All in all, your Lighting Dozen Cinematography Tutorial is a bargain and beginning filmmakers would be well-served by watching and learning from it. Again, BRAVO!!!

  2. Fabian Rodriguez

    Got it and it’s very helpful, I’m about to shoot a music video and with this info it’s gonna be epic

  3. John Husar

    A lot of good info I didn’t expect. Wow, so glad I got this tutorial. Worth every penny !!!

  4. Simone Salvatore

    your tutorial is simply amazing! I LOVE IT!
    Like the one on music video, it helped me a lot and I sincerely recommend to all filmmakers serious about cinematic look!

  5. Oliver Cukor

    Very nice product, Tom has a way of connecting with people and passing his extensive knowledge. I am an emerging filmmaker and I have learned so much from this tutorial. It is a must have for anyone who wants to learn more and see how it’s done in the real world.

  6. James Westlake

    I purchased your set of lighting tutorials back when I was studying at film school to pick up some tips, and I found them absolutely great! I’ve used a lot of the techniques you’ve taught since then, in a huge amount of my work! You really showed that you don’t need a tonne of expensive lights to make something look great. Especially I remember seeing your music video based one where you used a hazer and red head or something to just create a cool look in a terrible location, which really stuck with me, as it’s so common to get faced with uncinematic places that you have no say in, so thinking about ways to work with that rather than despairing is a much better attitude. Also even really simple tips which now sound so obvious, like having to backlight rain – your tutorials were the first time I’d been told that, and to learn that through making mistakes would have wasted so much time, so simply hearing you explain that you don’t see rain properly unless it’s backlit meant every rain scene I’ve done since has worked out great!
    Learning from others is so important, and it’s great being able to do so from watching a tutorial rather than solely through crewing on set, so it’s absolutely fantastic to have things like that available, and at the very low price they cost!
    I graduated a year ago now, and I still watch your product reviews all the time, as your opinion is one I trust very highly!

  7. Ron Hughes

    I purchased your lighting Dozen tutorial which I found to be very helpful with the film project I’ve been working on. What I liked about it was how you took your time explaining each step in the process.
    It made it easy to understand and follow.

  8. Marcelo Perri

    I like a lot your tutorials. It’s worth every penny.

  9. Brandon West

    After coming to terms with the fact that the camera and lens choice plays only a tiny part in achieving a “cinematic” look, I have been on the journey of acquiring video lights and modifiers. Tom’s tutorials have given me the tools and confidence that I can take my films to that next level. The explanations and practice applications are well worth the small amount of money spent. Highly recommended.

  10. Marcel Niermann

    Lighting Dozen is very helpful in a lot of situations.
    Nice tips for Setting the lights but also camera angles.
    Makes a lot of fun to watch how Tom Antos works.
    It´s worth it

    Greetings from Germany

  11. Levi Smith

    Found this very helpful. I love how you always find ways to get great shot on a small budget. I would definitely appreciate a video focusing on lighting groups / full bands of three, or more people. I’ve learned so much from your videos and can’t wait to watch more!

  12. Ahmed Salem

    1- Pros
    The lighting Dozen is very excellent because you were using cheap light such as open face and two led fixtures and this very great and the lighting diagram was very awesome .

    2- Cons
    we did not get the source files to apply the concept of color correction especially in the car scene tutorial .

    In the urban Brick tutorial i was hope that you show us how you will get the same mood if the practical light was not exist because most likely we will find these colored practical lamps .

    3- suggestions
    I hope in the future we find another lighting series cover some important concepts such as:
    Day for night in more details even i recommend that you devote a whole training course to this concept because you have covered it very quickly in the you tube channel ( Romantic film scene )

    the more important we see the making step by step to know exactly what is happening behind the scene

    I recommend that while shooting your actual shots show us where the lamps exist in the scene by widen the shots sometimes .

    Finally we are waiting for the next lighting series with the same concepts Easy to solve , Cheap lighting , Using less number of fixtures , providing lighting diagrams and source files .
    The more you are able to do it with red head lamps the more it is better because it is very cheap lamps even anyone can buy it and apply the concepts

  13. Patrick Emeri

    Your Tutorial are very helpful maybe one of the best. Great job !!!

  14. Lee Caller

    Exactly what I wanted – perfectly explanatory without dropping too low into infinite detail (and getting condescending), but also without getting overly technical (and getting boring).

  15. Andre Desrochers

    Best investment I made! It really help my shots to look less amateur!

  16. Biggy

    I actually stumbled on your site on you tube when I typed in how to edit a music video….I am into music and I can’t stand what I get for some videos the other I did I actually had to pay thru my nostrils…now for someone that owns a DSLR camera Nikon D5200..24MP..Wide angle lens,Zoom lens,18-55mm, 55-300mm why should it be sitting in my wardrobe doing nothing…I would love to know everything about Music videos and later graduate to film making the computer is not strange to me ,I am quite familiar with 2D AutoCAD,Corel draw and clown around on the Corel photo..I know quite a lot bout colours and my imagination is not so bad I think…I need you to mail me and tell me what to do cos I see u would love more productions going on with affordable budgets….Oh did I tell Iive in faraway Africa….Thanx.

  17. Alex Guzmán

    Really good tutorials! Recommend it!

  18. Duane

    The lighting dozen takes the guess work out of lighting. Very glad I purchased it.

  19. Ademola Oladoja

    I love the idea of showing the finished work before getting started and showing how it was made step by step. Thanks a million for the money saving tips too

  20. Troy Turner

    I was really impressed with how much details Tom includes in his tutorials. Very thorough and informative. Highly Recommended!

  21. Simone Salvatore

    Tom’s tutorial are different!
    Not only great notions, but he really shares the secrets that only a skilled DP could give you.
    I learned so much from Tom’s tutorials (I own both Lighting Dozen and natural Light, Music Video Film School) that when i knew he was giving lessons with the amazing 2-Day Cine School I had to go there! Great great great experience!

    Tom is my “Maestro”!

  22. Patrick

    Very helpful tutorial as usual. Thanks Tom for all these infos that I won’t get from nobody else.

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