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Montañita: Beach Life – documentary film

I’m happy to announce that my documentary “Montañita Beach Life” is finished and available to view on my YouTube channel TomAntosFilms.

It has been three years that my brother Lukasz and I have been working on it and there were times when we thought we would never be able to finish it. It is a true passion project where our main goal is to share the beauty and great atmosphere of Montañita with everyone. That is why we are making it available on YouTube.
We traveled to Montañita for the first time in 2006 and as soon as  we stepped in, we knew we found a place unlike any other. Since then – and since we shot the movie in 2010 – the town has grown a lot. We are among many who fear that Montañita might lose its charm due to its popularity. So we had a dilemma whether we should  make a film about Montañita and bring even more attention to it. We came to the conclusion that the cat was already out of the bag and that the best thing to do now is talk about the challenges and dangers that Montañita is facing. Hopefully if more people speak up, the community leaders and the various levels of government in Ecuador will make wise choices that will preserve the unique vibe of this amazing beach town.

Enjoy the movie. Also below I posted some “Behind The Scenes” clips where I show how filmed this and color corrected the shots.

“Behind The Scenes” Part 1

“Behind The Scenes” Part 2

“Behind The Scenes” Part 3


Here’s a few stills from the film. Montañita is a truly amazing place to visit… even if you don’t surf, you’ll enjoy it just for the photo/video opportunities.

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